Yesterday I had the opportunity to take part in a webinar with Evolution exploring how we reduce unconscious bias from the screening and interviewing process. Below is a link to the full recording. I thought I would also share some of my tips to reduce unconscious bias in the interviewing and screening process. 

Set A Direction

Audit your job ads, review your application process and see if you notice any gaps or opportunities to strengthen your approach to screening and interviewing.  Set a target, so everyone knows what your goals are: For example, 40% of women in Leadership by 2025,  BAME representation across the business by 2025 etc.

Build An Understanding

It would be best if you made the time to learn about the communities you want to attract. So that your approach does not miss the mark. It would help if you also considered learning about your biases and how they might show up in the interview process.

Develop A Clear Position For Your Business (aka) Employer Brand

Employer brand aligns with point two think about the messages you want in the market. This will be how you attract the audience you would like to work in your business. Example discuss Black History Month, Wish your employees & customers Happy Ramadan. Sponsor an LGBT charity. All of these things get your brand into the community and into the spaces that will help you attract talent.

Use diverse interview panels

Set a transparent process for interviews, in regards to the interview panel process, how many people will speak to the candidate, types of questions you want to ask. Depending on the size of your business, you can have someone be the objective observer in any wash-ups concerning applications. This person’s role will be to ask why a lot and push back if the conversation moves beyond the scope of role into opinion.

There are some other things you can do, which are mentioned in the recording.