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How do you define and create your winning strategy, how do you communicate to diverse talent and how do you include all that work in your organisation?  We can help.

The world of work is designed for a man that does not exist; we all need the space to enjoy our working environment but also our personal lives. The world is moving at a greater pace and the things that worked yesterday do not work today. Your teams are not delivering or gelling in the way you want to delight and serve your customers. Innovation is halting and your culture survey says you are doing everything wrong


A Culture/Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Practitioner delivering success strategies with Senior C-Suite level professionals in Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years globally, Geoffrey is regarded within the industry as a key thought leader. As well as being listed in The Financial Times Top 100 Ethnic Minority Role Models, DIMA 50 Male Advocates for Equality in Marketing and Media, he has also received numerous awards for his work within the D&I space, including the prestigious EY’s National Equality Standard Award.

Shaping the approach to D&I, Geoffrey has extensive experience in leading enterprise level cross-business strategies that support a commercialised approach, utilising global data to achieve ROI, improve culture and position businesses as market leaders in D&I.

Further to this, as a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Geoffrey is able to provide C-Suite level coaching, nurturing the conversations that build insight and global capacity for both D&I and Corporate Responsibility (CR).

Outside of his Consultancy and Coaching, Geoffrey also serves as a Judge of The Social Mobility Awards, is a Trustee for the Men and Boys Coalition and Founder of social enterprise “RockingUrTeens”.


“An excellent relationship builder, Geoffrey works holistically with clients to develop bespoke strategies and initiatives to creatively utilise D&I as a value-adding model.  A small example of services he provides includes:

Developing regional/global holistic Diversity & Inclusion strategies- Activating Employee Networks (ERG’s/BRG’s)
Coaching leaders / senior professionals to speak to D&I
Soft skill webinar design around D&I (Bias, Culture, Education, Community)
Integrating D&I into Branding / Marketing Strategies

Do We Really need to talk about Race or is it something else?

It’s that time of year again where we start to plan our Black History Month activities. I for one am trying to create a space for discussion and education and also for personal action. Like a lot of people in my profession, I have spent the last 18 months talking...

Top Suggestions for any business focused on developing an I&D strategy

Listen to employees who would need to use an ‘improved and accurate’ D&I narrative to understand the upfront barriers and constraints of using the current narrative
With that qualitative intel, develop a holistic I&D narrative that speaks to organizational values
Listen to the narrative of current employees from all communities
Target key areas, Sales, Marketing/Brand, Recruitment & Human Resources
Define an internal Objective/Aspirations
Align all objectives to business goals


“Geoffrey has been a colleague, coach, adviser and partner to me in the time that we’ve worked together at Thomson Reuters. Geoffrey provides D&I leadership and guidance based on his vast experience, knowledge and his desire to ensure that D&I is at the heart of everything that the Company does. The numerous D&I awards that Thomson Reuters has won recently, is testament to his commitment and passion for his work.”


Juliet Cohen

Head of HR, EMEA – Thomson Reuters

“Geoffrey is a true Inclusion and Diversity professional. He brings personal as well as professional experience to his work; he is thoughtful and can see 360 degrees around a problem or opportunity; he is guided always by strategy and higher purpose; he is committed to his work and his colleagues; he thinks globally; and is innovative in the ways that he comes up with solutions.”


Peter Warwick

Former EVP at Thomson Reuters

Geoffrey is an authentic D&I leader, he has unique perspectives and insights to offer and he doesn’t quote the cliches or follow the text book approach. We worked together on an engagement campaign for Thomson Reuters’s global D&I week… Throughout the whole process Geoffrey was full of enthusiasm and energy which he directed to ensure we remained focused on the context and delivered the required outcomes. I would highly recommend Geoffrey as a knowledgeable, committed professional and a great, fun guy to work with.

Shahid Bashir

Business Psychologist / Diversity and Inclusion Specialist – Korn Ferry

“Looking for someone who helps you craft a holistic global approach for D&I? If so, Geoffrey is the right person for you. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a project to define brand inclusivity guidelines with a special focus on LGBTQ+. Above all, I was impressed with his ability to understand the business needs and break complex topics down into simple actions- always with a global and intersectional angle. And he did so with great agility, high reactivity and always with a positive and constructive approach. For any D&I related project, Geoffrey would be a true asset and comes with my strong recommendation.

Eleonore Murauer

Global Brand Director – Reckitt Benckiser

Geoffrey is one of the world’s leading Inclusion & Diversity experts that I have had the pleasure to work with.  His ability to take a really critical and challenging issue and quickly convert this into actionable and measurable outcomes sets him apart from many of his peers.

Andy MacGovern

Global Head of Learning – PPG Industries


The UK’s Top 100 Black and Minority Leaders in Technology 2018

Male advocate for gender equality in Marketing and Media 2018

FT- 100 Ethnic minority role models 2018

National Equality Standard 2015 /2018

Inclusive top 50 Employers in the UK
2017, 2018, 2019

European Diversity Awards Company of the Year 2019